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Crescent Meats is a family owned and operated full-service meat processing plant. Our journey began 18 years ago when our family moved to Cadott, Wisconsin.


We offer the quality and service of an old fashioned meat market with modern technology to provide the highest quality meat possible. We have won several awards to prove it! Our Whole Muscle Jerky won national grand champion at the 2007 American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP) competition. Several of our meat products took home prestigious awards at the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors (WAMP) competition.
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Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to providing the highest quality meat and nothing but the highest quality customer service. We treat our neighbors, our employees, and our customers like family because family comes first.

With all these factors in mind, we believe Crescent Meats is the perfect choice for all your Wisconsin meat processing needs!

Pre-Crescent Meats:

In the late 1990’s, Wayne and Stacey Lautsbaugh lived in a small town in Pennsylvania running a custom butcher shop. Stacey worked at an insurance company for 14 years and Wayne was a third generation carpenter but in his spare time he would like to process not for sale beef, venison and pork for family, friends, and locals. Even though Wayne loved being a foreman, his true passion was in the meat business. When Wayne was younger he and his father, George, would spend time hunting and processing their own meat along with family and friends’ meat. This is what really caught his attention and made him want to keep the tradition going. He would spend hours upon hours, working on recipes and playing with the smokehouse he built outside. When the family decided that they wanted to purchase a butcher shop there were none around the area that they were interested in. The Lautsbaugh’s extended their search for the shop to New York, Ohio, New Jersey, Delaware, and lastly Wisconsin, where they finally found the one! After finding the little butcher shop in Cadott, WI, Wayne and Stacey drove 16 hours to look at the shop and ended up purchasing it in June of 2003. The family then started moving their belongings each weekend while the grandparents would watch the children, Vance, 13, Samantha, 8, for the next month while still working during the week.

The Beginning of a New Adventure

After making the grand move to Wisconsin and purchasing the vacant butcher shop there were many months of hard work and dedication to get it up and running. The grand opening was October of 2003. Crescent Meats started out as a state inspected facility until 2010 when we converted over to being federally inspected. Business was doing great leading to an addition in 2009 and again in 2015, including the retail remodel.

With being raised in the business, Vance and Samantha grew to love it just like their father. As any other worker they started at the bottom and worked their way up, starting to work for their parents during summers and coming home from high school as cleanup crew. As the years went on, Vance turned into the sausage maker, while also working on the slaughter floor, cutting animals, retail, and much more. While Samantha was getting older, she turned into being the main packager, learning the retail, office work, slaughter floor and more.

When completing high school, Vance went on to UW-River Falls to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science. After completing his first degree he continued his schooling by enrolling into the Master Meat Crafter course in Madison. He then finished the program in January of 2016. With completing his schooling he is now the plant manager.

Samantha, on the other hand, fell in love with the office work and retail area of the business leading her to Chippewa Valley Technical College for Business Management. In May of 2015, she graduated and returned to Crescent Meats, working her way up to store manager.

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The Lautsbaugh Family


Wayne is the man in charge, he is the one that oversees everything and keeps the plant running smoothly. While also being the person for wholesaling he has his work cut out for him.


Stacey is our bookkeeper and office manager. When calling Crescent Meats or stopping in, she will be one of the friendly faces that you see or speak with.


Vance is the person to plan the day’s production and have work for the employees as the plant manager.


Samantha is the store manager and office assistant. When calling to give cutting instructions on your animal, you want to talk with her.


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